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Submitted by: Creighton Hayes on Dec 29, 2009

Maddie has been the best puppy since the day I picked her up from Dennis. She has a wonderful temperment and beautiful markings.
I was very impressed with Dennis's kennel and with his dogs. It was very clean and well-organized, and it was certainly a sight to see seven springers happily jumping around in their pens.
Thanks for everything Dennis!

My name is Adriane.  I named my Springer Spaniel: Hendrix.  He was born on March 13, 2009.  He has been a wonderful pet.  He is very smart and makes me laugh  A LOT.  I got Hendrix from Dennis at Point and Spring Kennel.  It was great dealing with Dennis.  I could tell when I arrived at Point and Spring Kennel, that he took very good care of all of the dogs there.  I couldn't believe how clean everything was.  I brought a friend with me and she said the same thing.  My dad has worked with hunting dogs before, and when he began working with Hendrix he commented that he must have come from a good line.  He catches on very quickly.  Hendrix is also great around kids.  I keep him as a house dog, but he loves to be outside.  He also LOVES water.  If he sees it, he's in it. 

Submitted by: Missy Tatum on Jul 16, 2009

We purchased our springer spaniel from Dennis and
he is just an absolutely beautiful dog and all vet checks have come clear except for ear infecton which is very common in springers and is easily taken care of. Everyone loves him and just marvels over him. Thanks Dennis for our new little addition to our family!


Submitted by: Emily on Mar 30, 2009

I purchased a German Shorthaired little girl a few weeks ago from Dennis. My experience with Dennis exceeded my expectations. The kennel was clean and well maintained and you could tell that the dogs were very loved. My little puppy is constantly getting compliments. She is extremely smart and has a wonderful and fun personaility. We had an excellent vet checkup! I would definitely recommend this breeder to others interested in this breed.


Submitted by: Ryan on Mar 16, 2009

I bought a GSP a couple of weeks ago, and have been very pleased. My pup has great looks and size. He displays a natural ability to hunt. The bloodline are outstanding and my pup is very smart. I took him to the Vet today and the whole office was very impressed, especially when I told them the price. I will not hesitate to buy from this kennel again.